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Urban Wedding Albums

Make the most out of every favorite photo

You know the saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’.  Well, let’s just say when it comes to your wedding photo albums you should.  All wedding albums are not the same; many couples realize this after a few years, when it’s too late.  Cheap mass produced albums suffer the fate of faded photos, warped pages, disconnected binding are typical problems.

Wedding photo album features

1. The highest photographic grade paper provides rich, vibrant color.

2. A flush mount photo design, true lay flat pages, unmatched construction offering both stability and durability.

3. Custom design cover options, top grade leathers, distinctive fabrics and specialty materials, to create quality wedding album full of personality you will love.

4. Complete care instructions, so you will know how to provide the best care for your album.

Personalized wedding album design service

We only offer the finest quality custom albums to our clients. Your album from CLB Photography will be carefully printed, meticulously assembled and professionally finished by hand.  You’ll love seeing and sharing your wedding photographs within this luxury heirloom for years, because your wedding album is intended to last a lifetime. 

1. A great wedding photo album cannot stand only on great photos. Proper arrangement and proper design choices make all the difference. Our graphic designer, Erika will design your album to be amazing, anniversary after anniversary for you. 

2. No cookie cutter designs; sorry, personalized design only.

3. Enjoy a one-on-one private design consultation with Erika to go over every option and design consideration to provide you with an album you cannot live without.

4. Have a hard time making decisions? No problem. Let us recommend the best wedding photos to tell your story. Want to toss around a few ideas your thinking about including? Let’s talk about them.

5. Receive a sample design of your album pages for review and commenting before we go to print.

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